Enhancing Urban
Living Experiences

We create value

We believe value is created by building uniquely designed homes in great locations that grow with you.

Enso is a Vancouver-based real estate development company who is dedicated to developing unique forward-focused spaces and stronger communities for everyone.

Our Approach


Our balanced approach and continuous pursuit of innovation results from our collective experiences and business perspectives. In return we create homes that are practical and very livable, yet provide enhanced form and design.


We are living in a fast changing world and we are focused on using our unique combination of youth and experience to craft the future of tomorrow’s communities while anticipating consumer trends and needs.


Taking inspiration from the beauty, balance and natural harmony of the Pacific Coast we are shaped by it as it inspires our passion and creativity.

We build homes with purpose.

Our name is our promise.

Our Enso name and logo is inspired by the ‘enso symbol’ which fittingly symbolizes ‘the moment of creativity’ – uninhibited design and the strength in quality that we bring to our business and homes we build. The mark also signifies ‘one-mindedness’ where shared goals can foster new ideas and make innovation possible.